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After 메이저사이트 was first released in Korea, private Toto sites where you can place sports betting other than Batman Toto began to appear.

It started as a customized private Toto site that accurately targeted the psychology of users

who complained of the limited betting rules and strictness of Batman Toto.

The attack of private Toto sites satisfied Toto users, and as rumors spread rapidly,

the proportion of online private Toto users also started to increase.

The problem, however, was that users could make a profit at any time on the illegally operated private Toto site.

Here, so-called cheating means that when a user who has won a bet requests a withdrawal,

the operators do not handle it properly.

So-called “eating sites” have been popping up all over the place.

The reasons why the private toto site is eating out are as follows.


The fact that operators always have the position and authority of ‘A’ as it is an illegal operation outside of the law

Private Toto users also do not report voluntarily because it is against the law.

Poorly equipped systematic organization and system management,

technology, security, know-how, funds, etc. It is an unusual business structure.

In addition,

there are various reasons such as internal problems and natural disasters.

To prevent the flooding of these eat-and-run Toto sites and prevent damage to Toto users who enjoy sports betting, the first-generation eat-and-run verification company called Eat-and-Go Police was opened.


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